How to Stay Safe When Dating Cuckold Singles For Cuckold Hookup

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Something that a lot of people think about but don't always voice is the act of cuckolding. The act of cuckolding is when, with consent, you and your partner agree to have the dominant person in the relationship to be unfaithful for the excitement of it. In some cases the submissive partner watches the encounter for a higher level of excitement. Cuckold hookups are more common than a lot of people think.

In any kind of encounter that you go into it is important to keep safety in mind. This is true for a cuckold threesome. There are two aspects of safety when it comes to a cuckold threesome: physical safety and sexual safety. We are going to give you safety tips for both in this article.

Ensure Everyone Consents

Consent is important when it comes to sex and relationships. Cuckolding may be fun but it isn't for everyone. Make sure to discuss the details of the cuckolding with your partner so everyone goes in informed. Consenting without all of the facts is not good consent. Without the information parties are more likely to withdraw consent.

Also make sure that all parties know that they can withdraw consent at any point during the encounter. This is crucial.

Always Use Protection

Condoms is always a good idea when having relationships but when you are having relations with more than one partner, it becomes even more important that you use protection. You never completely know how many or who everyone is sleeping around with and they can always contract an STD. Some people will show an STD test in order to prove they are STD free. These are good if everyone insists that condoms are not to be used but even with an STD test, there isn't any guarantee they haven't gotten anything since. Do not let someone pressure you out of insisting on condoms.

Obviously condoms don't just protect against STDs, they also protect against impregnation. Keep that in mind when discussing what kind of protection you are going to use.

There are other forms of barriers such as the female condom. No barrier is as reliable as the traditional condom for a man. If you choose to use other forms of protection though, make sure that you educate yourself on how to use them. One of the biggest reasons birth control fails is because it is not used properly.

Enter The World of Cuckolding Slow

Cuckolding is a big world with a lot to try. A lot of it can be fun and jumping straight in can sound exciting but it may not be. Cuckolding can quickly become overwhelming and result in emotions going haywire. Starting off in the world of cuckolding, go slow. Give yourself time to try new things and enjoy yourself. Once you have been into cuckolding for a while, remember the time when you went slow. If you starting interacting with people who are new to cuckolding, offer to go slow. Help them ease into it the same way that you would have wanted to be ease into the same encounters.

Always Meet Somewhere Public First

The first time you meet someone or a couple for a cuckold threesome it is important that you meet them in a public place. A public place significantly reduces the chances of being lured into something nefarious. You will also find that all parties involved are more comfortable with being in a public place when they meet.

Meeting in a public place also ensures that you have time to talk and set each other at ease. Any red flags should also come into play during this time. The ability to truly enjoy cuckolding comes with a level of trust that takes some interaction to develop.

We aren't saying that you have to trade a fun adventure on the first date for safety and a public meeting. You can go have fun in private after you have had a chance to talk with each other. Just don't go right away, give it some time.

Take Your Own Transportation

Having your own ride to and from cuckold encounters is a must. This gives you a way to get away should something happen that you are not comfortable with. After meeting in a public place, still drive your own transportation to where you are going. Don't leave the ride behind because you won't have access to it if you need it.

Don't Immediately Trust Anyone

Trust is something that should be earned as is directly connected to safety. You can't be safe around someone unless you are able to trust them. No matter what, if you are meeting up with someone for a cuckold threesome, you should give trust time to develop naturally. Don't let them saying all the right things lull you into a false sense of security.

At times you may have a bull, friend, or couple refer someone to you for a cuckold relationship. A referral can be exciting and it is easy to feel as if they are someone you can trust. Especially if the person referring them has had a cuckold arrangement with them. Every cuckold single still needs to work to earn your trust, even if they come from a referral. That means don't immediately jump in no matter what.

Safeguard Information

One of the most common places to find a cuckold single in the modern world is on the internet. The internet is full of people out there for nefarious purposes. Dating sites, including cuckold sites, do their best to keep scammers and fake accounts of their services but they don't do a perfect job. Always be careful when giving out information to cuckold singles. Don't give out your full name, address, or anything similar until you have gotten to know a person. Preferably until you have met them in person.

Even if you meet your partner offline, it is important to keep your information close. Keep the same information safe where possible. Especially if you are not going to be in any kind of long term relationship. Your cuckold hookups do not need to know all of your details.

Have The Session Somewhere You Know

Where you have the actual cuckold session matters. You do not want to have a session somewhere you don't know. Obviously you can't have the encounter at two locations at once. That means it can't be somewhere personal to all parties. At the very least you should know the address of where you are having the session before you get there and the general surroundings. Knowing where you are is important.

Having the encounter somewhere that you know is even more important if you are having the session without your submissive present. You will be alone with the partner and you never want to go into such a situation without at least some preparation. Going alone also means that you should let your partner know where you are once you find out.

Separate Your Emotions

Emotions can be quite dangerous. When it comes to cuckolding you are playing with each others' emotions in a consented and fun way. It is a fine line though between fun and harm in these cases though. Make sure that you debrief after every session and make sure that everyone is still okay.

One of the most dangerous emotions during a cuckolding scenario is jealousy. This is where consent and debriefing are important. Too much jealousy can result in people making bad decisions. Ones that can harm everyone involved. A little jealousy is fine but you don't want to encourage jealousy to the point that it is not controllable.

Seeing a professional is perfectly normal and can be a great way to help keep your emotions measured if you have a cuckold relationship. Do not be afraid to reach out to one if you feel like you need some help managing your emotions appropriately.

Something to keep in mind is that every relationship is different. You may have to adjust your safety steps to meet your relationship and environment. Just be careful to ensure that you aren't compromising your safety as you adjust your steps.

Safety is important in everything we do. This is especially true in relationships where not just our physical safety, but emotional safety is also at risk. Have something else that you do to ensure your safety? Make sure to let everyone else know in the comments below to help them stay safe.