How can A Cuckold Husband Convince Cuckold Wife to Cuckold Fetish?

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Cuckolding is a popular fetish that many people don't talk about. A cuckold fetish is when a man wants his wife (or girlfriend) to have a sexual encounter with another man. Often times this is done in front of the husband. At the very least though, the husband is told about the encounter in a teasing but fun way. Many of those who enjoy cuckolding are male submissives and femdoms, in this case, known as a cuckold wife, but like everything else, this fluctuates.

With so much societal pressure to maintain a monogamous relationship, wives can be hesitant to want to participate in a cuckold fetish, even if they are interested in cuckold dating. In order to have a cuckold wife, most men need to learn to convince their wives that a cuckold fetish is normal and/or okay to participate in. So how do you convince a wife that cuckold dating is a good idea? Let's take a look.

For Those With No BDSM Experience

If you don't currently have any BDSM experience in your relationship you should start by trying out various femdom activities in the bedroom (maybe outside too). This will help give your wife an idea of how fun it is to dominate you. Many different activities are included in the BDSM world so there is almost guaranteed to be an experience that you can enjoy with your wife.

Some general ideas for a few things to try:

  • General femdom orders
  • Light bondage
  • Denial
  • Teasing
  • Mild Humiliation

These will get you started on the path to exploring femdom. The experience you get will help to translate to a cuckold fetish and cuckold dating.

Sit Down and Talk With Her

As always, communication is key in a relationship so the best place to start is to simply sit down with your wife and talk with her. Bring up the idea of cuckold slowly and explain all about what it entails. Depending on your wife, at this point, it may help to leave out graphic details and focus on just a detailed basic explanation. After you have discussed the idea of cuckolding it is important that you also talk about why you are interested in it.

Make sure that you have thought through both your description of cuckolding and your reasons for liking it. A good phrasing will make any potential cuckold wife more likely to respond in the positive.

There are two methods for bringing this up that are important to consider before sitting down and talking with your wife about cuckold fetish. One of the methods is the straightforward approach where you just come out and explain everything right off the bat. This is preferred by some people as they don't like those who beat around the bush. However, for those that are shier, less experienced, or nervous, you may prefer to bring up the topic slowly and explore each piece gradually. For example, start by discussing threesomes, then move onto the next step of you not being involved as much as her.

Ask Cukold Wife to Try Once

If she is interested or at least considering the idea of a cuckold dating, ask her to try once. Explain that there is no harm in trying anything once. It can also help to explain that trying new things helps to broaden one's horizons.

Ask Her To Explain Why She Is Hesitant

When people are hesitant there is usually a specific reason for it. Talk to your cuckold wife and ask her to explain her reason for being hesitant to cuckold dating. Once she is done explaining, repeat her reasoning back to her and explain what your reasoning is for not being hesitant too.

Most women are comforted when they understand why their husband or boyfriend isn't hesitant.

Just a heads up, the biggest sources of hesitancy stems from a cuckold wife being concerned about bringing another person into a relationship. Traditional relationships are between two people so this often stirs a lot of societal pressure to not have relationships that don't fit that norm. You will have to find a way to explain this to your wife that matches her concerns but a common explanation that works is to talk to her about how cuckold dating is about enjoying the one time encounter or the casual encounter, not about having a serious relationship with another person.

Use Detail to Convince Her

Detail can be one of your best weapons when it comes to convincing your wife to become a cuckold wife. Describe in detail what you are hoping will happen. Make the situation sound sexy as if you are telling a story about what you are fantasizing about. This alone can be quite exciting for both of you.

After you are done telling your sexy tale restart the conversation about having a cuckold adventure. If you have been descriptive enough and she is interested then you can move further.

Show Her True Stories

Plenty of websites around the world host people's real-life sex experiences, and no we aren't talking about porn websites. We are talking about sites where people write down their stories for other people to learn or otherwise benefit from them. Take a look at these websites and find a few stories of people who have been in real life cuckold relationships to share with your cuckold wife.

Try to find at least one story from the woman's point of view and one from the man's. Both points of view will help her to thoroughly understand where you are coming from.

What Not To Do

In a perfect world, we wouldn't need a what not to do list for trying to convince your wife to participate in the cuckold fetish. But we are all humans and we aren't perfect. Here are a few things that you shouldn't do when it comes to a cuckold dating experience.

Surprise Her With the Experience

Unless you have already discussed cuckold dating with your wife it is not a good idea to suddenly surprise her with the experience. Do not set everything up without her being aware of what is happening. This can cause anxiety, relationship problems, and even worse.

Other forms of attempting to force the experience on her is also not acceptable in any relationship.

Do Not Apply Pressure

The pressure is something that you should avoid when it comes to trying to convince your wife of any fetish, including cuckold fetish. Being pressured into a sexual experience can cause trauma to one's mind. Don't continuously bring up the idea of a cuckold fetish if she isn't interested. If she says she isn't interested you could ask her if she thinks there is a point at which you can discuss the potential again.

Cuckold dating is far more common than many people think. People around the world take pleasure in these fun relationships where the woman gets all of the pleasure. Convincing someone who hasn't experienced it before can be a challenging task though. Using these tips you will be better able to convince a cuckold wife to try cuckold fetishes.